There is a crack in everything…

“Just as the sun needs the moon to give sense to its own existence, me and you, we need our darkness to let our light shine as bright as the yellow of thousands of sunflowers. My darkness is a part of me, and that is good. As Leonard Cohen used to say “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. Life is all about opposites.
White, and black.
The moon, and the sun.
Life, and death.
Happiness, and sadness.
Pain, and pleasure.
Rain, and sun.
Deserts, and lakes.
Laughers, and bleedings.
Calmness, and excitement.
Darkness, and light.
Everything means something thanks to its own reverse. That is why right now you need exactly what you are passing through. Nothing else, nothing more. You need it, and you are meant to overcome it.

Let it go. Let it flow. Because it will pass. You have to be patient and kind to yourself. Do not expect darkness to be gone overnight. It is a slow relief. Just a little bit better every day. …
Right now you are still wearing moon clothes, but stay ready: the sun is just preparing for your next parade.
…remember that as life is all about opposites, so are you, and me.”

Marina, and many other people recovering from depression, wrote letters to those currently suffering. You may find them at, which was an idea of James Withey.
If I could help someone who’s struggling, I would read him this letter. Be next to your beloved ones, support them and if you are the one who’s suffering ask for help! You are not alone!


Leonard Cohen