Precious free design assets




When I first started studying graphic arts and I was experimenting with personal projects I didn’t have the knowledge to draw my own design elements, neither the luxury to pay for those I needed. During my research, all these years, I found many blog posts that listed a variety of free design sites. Often these weren’t what I was looking for and I ended up confused and overwhelmed. Nowadays I purchase the majority of the design elements I use, yet I have a bookmark folder with a small list of my absolute favourite free resources. If you are looking for alternatives to the most popular sites like Google Fonts or Freepik, with high quality free design elements then this might be your list too.


1. Behance
It may be a social portfolio for artists, but it’s also a great source of free fonts. Many designers share their design tools on Behance, but I love it for the variety of free decorative and script fonts. It’s where I posted for the first time my Sunday, Betty and Charming fonts.

2. Fontfabric
An exceptional type foundry from Bulgaria with an impressive clientele list shares some of it’s high quality fonts for free. Among their fonts you will find my Sunday with the Cyrillic character set, designed by Ani Petrova.

3. Font Squirrel
The best archive of free fonts. What I love on this site is the detailed presentation and the elegant specimen of each font.

Mock-ups & Textures

1. Mockup World
My favourite high quality mock-up site.

2. FDR
A large variety of free items like mock-ups, templates and fonts.

3. GraphicBurger
My oldest listing with different kinds of items. I may not be a big fan of their mock-ups but I have found precious textures for my fonts presentations.

4. GraphicsFuel
One more favourite site with many resources and great quality textures.

For vintage lovers

The Graphics Fairy
A priceless collection of vintage printables and a huge source of inspiration