New beginning



It's been quite a long time since I announced my pause. Everything in my life changed since then, in ways I could never imagine. It's been a huge transformation, that I knew that would lead me to a new creative path. Maybe I should say to the path I should have taken a long time ago.

I draw since I remember myself. It was something that was happening effortlessly and it was the best way for my to express my feelings and my imagination and to make it through hard times. But when adulthood was approaching I had to make different decisions.

When I gave up architecture and started studying lettering and typography, I thought, naively, that this is something that I would do for the rest of my life. At the same time I started drawing again, feeling blessed that I hadn't completely lost it.

After my latest font collection, Antiquary, came the realization that my income depends on reselling platforms that exploit designers and that AI is a serious threat το digital design and artwork. I didn't want to be part of this chaos anymore. I decided that Antiquary would, also, be my last font collection. I wanted to draw, to illustrate with physical materials and create physical items. I wanted to unchain my imagination and to "unearth" my authentic self and I still had how deep she was buried. That's when the pause came.

The spring of 2023 I bought my first handmade watercolors and cold press papers.

Without any previous experience with watercolors I decided to draw from the heart whatever I felt and when I finished the illustration I knew it was the best decision I've taken.

More changes and experiences followed since then (one of them was my road trip across Europe), that brought me closer to my origins and showed me who I was.

I feel the big pause is coming to it's end. For now, all I want to do is draw, without having any plans to monetize my creations. I can wait and see where this new beginning is taking me.