My fonts in use



Promoting and publishing my work, has always been a bit awkward to me. Maybe my introvert self won’t let me get used to it.

A few days ago, a friend got excited when she found my Novaturient font on the cover of a book. She asked me where else she could find my work but I had nothing to show her. She, almost, scolded me and she was right. It was about time to show some of my fonts in use.

In this post, I picked the most popular global and Greek companies that have been using my fonts and I proudly present them to you:

Simon & Schuster children’s book series with Chalky Letters.

Psychogios publications honor me, using most of my fonts on their books

Disney’s books and apparel with Chalky Letters and the Old Harbour collection.

Screenshots of Maggi’s Greek TV commercial with Magellan font.

Foodwill's packaging design with my fonts

My absolute favourite Violanta cookies with Sunday font