Find your purpose as an artist

Since I remember myself I was drawing and painting. I never wandered why. All I knew is that’s what gives meaning to my life. My family and my teachers used to say that I was very talented. But as I was growing my family started worrying that art couldn’t “bring food to my table”.

I was convinced to change my path, I studied architecture, I worked as an architect but, in real life, my work had nothing to do with art and creativity.

I gave up my job being sure of what I wanted to do and nothing could stop me.

I love drawing letters more than anything. Lately, as a letterer, I started wondering about my purpose in art.

Letters compile words and words spread messages. So what kind of messages do I want to share with people? Do I want to share my thoughts and my feelings without being afraid of criticism? Do I just want to be instagram famous or I care about important matters in the world? Do I just want to draw what’s “in style” and follow hashtags or I want to make people think? I think I already knew the answer.

So what’s your purpose in art?

Lettering for my blog post