• Anchor and ribbon drawing that says 'A smooth sea never made a skillfull sailor'
  • Lighthouse drawing that says 'keep your light bright for others to see & follow'
  • Whale and boat drawing with Moby Dick quote
  • Suitcase drawing that 'home is where I store my suitcase'
  • two bottles drawing
  • a Ship's wheel and aribbon drawing that says 'I am the captain of my heart'
  • Octopus with Jules Verne lettering quote
  • Lamp with Door's song Light my fire
  • Whiskey label
  • Beer label that says 'Black Sam'
  • Rum painkiller cocktail recipe
  • Logo samples
  • nautical symbols and designs

The Old Harbour vintage font collection

Available for purchase on:
Creative Market
The Old Harbour is a font collection inspired by the vintage hand lettered signage, the old bottles’ labels and the aesthetic of my favourite old school tattoos. The fonts can work together in endless combinations, to create beautiful vintage designs for apparel, logos, labels, posters or any merchandise product you can imagine.

Collection fonts:

  1. Waves
  2. Waves Inline
  3. Captain
  4. Captain Sans
  5. Sailor
  6. Sailor Plain
  7. Anchor
  8. Anchor Plain
  9. Lighthouse
  10. Seashells
  11. Starfish
  12. Elements




April 28, 2016