• text on blackboard that says 'Welcome to red sunset'
  • text that says 'my home my music my rules'
  • Pizza menu on a blackboard
  • Blackboard style wedding invitation
  • Blackboard wall art that says 'drink coffe and pretend you know what you're doing'
  • blackboard that says 'you make a fool of death with your beauty'
  • black hotel signage that says 'hotel moonshine new york'
  • Blackboard singage on the street
  • Blackboard singage on the street
  • Blackboard wall art
  • three black bottles of beer with the label design
  • Vintage greek signage
  • Blackboard singage on the street

Chalky Letters font collection – Latin & Greek

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Chalky Letters is a multilayered font collection, created for the chalk lettering lovers. Letters and ornaments are carefully hand-drawn to resemble the authentic chalk effect. 4 different vintage typographic styles along with a variety of decorations and shadow effects make endless combinations. The collection gives the designer the freedom to use it in any typographic project he can imagine: greeting cards, labels, large scale prints, branding, packaging, signage, editorial design.

Typographic styles
CL-Heading: All caps, old fashioned, serif, with 2 styles of decoration and shadow effects
CL-Label: All caps, heavy, serif, vintage, solid and outline, with 4 styles of decoration and a shadow effect
CL-Script: Simple modern calligraphic with terminal forms and 2 alternate styles of descenders. Combined with a shadow effect.
CL-Note: All caps, simple, thin, old fashioned, with a shadow effect
CL-Extras: 2 styles of ribbons, frames and ornaments.



May 28, 2018