Morocco (part 2)

The journey continues from part 1


While we were travelling from Fez to Chefchaouen, Maria and I caught the flu. I felt tired and dizzy, but that didn’t affect my excitment. I was about to visit a place I’ve always dreamed of going. Our driver, Aziz, put “Famous” on the radio, as he know it was the song that made me fall deeper in love with this city. Everything was like I had imagined it to be… I was living my dream. The first place on my bucket list was marked!
I loved:
This amazingly beautiful blue of the houses
The medina
The view of the city, in the sunset, from the Spanish Mosque
The street food we tasted
The kind and friendly people

Rabat, Essaouira

I felt complete when we left Chefchaouen. I know for sure I will come back again. We arrived in Rabat early in the afternoon. I wasn’t very impressed at the beginning but, later, our riad and the view to the ocean, left me speachless. The next day we arrived in Essaouira. It was the best closure to our trip and one more city I fell in love with.
In Rabat I loved:
The luxury of our riad
The main market
The cafe in the kasbah, with the view to the sea
The local fast foods
In Essaouira I loved:
The beautiful medina
The main maket
The endless beach and the view to the ocean
The Moulay Hassan square
The fish boats in the harbour
The large variety of the local products and the art shops
Our last night in Tacos bar

People on the road

People of the desert and the countryside have a special place in my album. During our trip to the desert, we saw many small villages, or even single houses, looking abandoned, literaly in the middle of nowhere. It was a unique feeling, seeing people living there, sitting outside their houses, kids walking for hours to go to their school or visit the nearest town. I shot these photos from our moving car, so unfortunately some of them are blurry. However I chose to present them, hoping I have captured the “feeling”.

Moroccan doors and paterns