My design recources

There’s been quite some time since I promised a friend to let him know about the resources I used and how I started working online. So I thought the best way to list them for his (or any other’s future reference) is to make a

Victorian greeting cards

I really love to make seasonal presents to you, so here is my small present for New Year's Eve! Two Victorian style printable cards for 2018 in vintage colour pallets. You may print them in 12,7cm x 17,8cm (5"x 7") paper. Cards are for personal use

illustration of a plate with a fork and a knife that says 'cloud based subscription no thank you'

Subscription based software? No, thank you!

It's been a long time since Adobe stopped offering perpetual licenses for their software. Users have to pay a subscription fee annually or monthly, in order to use any of Adobe’s applications. Adobe enforced a “take it or leave it” policy, knowing that it has

Being bullied as a designer

I have been in the type design industry for about two years and I love every minute of it. But there are a few things I wish I knew when I got started; things that I have learned the hard way and as much as