Lettering, Type design, Calligraphy – the differences

Many of my friends confuse “lettering” with “typography” (fonts), which is something totally normal. In Greek there is no equivalent term for “lettering”. Recently I learned that this confusion is very common, even among designers. So I chose simple words to explain what I do

Stop the glorification of busy

As a society, we need to stop glorifying being busy. We need to stop competing against each other for who is the busiest. Chronic busyness should not be a badge of honor or status symbol. It is a warning sign that things need to change.”

Falling for Dublin

My personal lettering project about most of the things I loved in Dublin, during my 3-day trip. Special mention to Dublin’s people who were kind, funny, helpful and generous to us. People can make a place lovable!

Ampersand wallpapers

To celebrate my first pattern collection, I'm sharing with you 4 ampersand wallpapers for your desktop, ipad and iphone! Enjoy!

Lettering on objects

Lettering the cover of my new sketchbook and a beer bottle for a friend's beer bar.

letter H drawing from the movie 'howls moving castle'

Lettering tribute to Hayao Miyazaki – The sketches

The sketches of my lettering and illustration tribute to Mr. Hayao Miyazaki. I designed a drop cap letter, the initial letter of the protagonist’s name. Each one consists of different elements and characters of the movie.