Stop the glorification of busy

As a society, we need to stop glorifying being busy. We need to stop competing against each other for who is the busiest. Chronic busyness should not be a badge of honor or status symbol. It is a warning sign that things need to change.”

Falling for Dublin

My personal lettering project about most of the things I loved in Dublin, during my 3-day trip. Special mention to Dublin’s people who were kind, funny, helpful and generous to us. People can make a place lovable!

Ampersand wallpapers

To celebrate my first pattern collection, I'm sharing with you 4 ampersand wallpapers

Lettering on objects

Lettering the cover of my new sketchbook and a beer bottle for a friend's beer bar.

letter H drawing from the movie 'howls moving castle'

Lettering tribute to Hayao Miyazaki – The sketches

The sketches of my lettering and illustration tribute to Mr. Hayao Miyazaki. I designed a drop cap letter, the initial letter of the protagonist’s name. Each one consists of different elements and characters of the movie.

lettering design that says 'all we have is words, all we have is worlds

All we have is words…

I fell in love with this phrase, as soon as I saw Tim Etchells’s neon installation on the Onassis cultural center in Athens. So I drew my version of the phrase and you can also it read it upside - down