Mark Twain's quote written on a blackboard

My first fonts

Silhouette and Marpesia were the two first fonts that I started selling on Creative Market, back in 2015. They were hand drawned, scanned and digitized. Silhouette had a playful style inspired by vintage hand lettering. Marpesia was my first attempt to modern calligraphy, designed with

The Handcrafted font bundle

I'm proudly introducing my first font bundle with all my handcrafted fonts! The bundle is offered in this special price for a limited time, along with the extra ornaments and illustrations in vector files. Calligraphic fonts contain a variety of OpenType features and font collections

Find your purpose as an artist

Since I remember myself I was drawing and painting. I never wandered why. All I knew is that’s what gives meaning to my life. My family and my teachers used to say that I was very talented. But as I was growing my family started

There is a crack in everything…

"Just as the sun needs the moon to give sense to its own existence, me and you, we need our darkness to let our light shine as bright as the yellow of thousands of sunflowers. My darkness is a part of me, and that is

If you’re stuggling hard make self care your priority

If you're stuggling hard make self care your priority. We all have hard times that we feel mentally and physically exhausted. And it’s OK to feel this way. It means that it’s time to take care or ourselves, heal and redefine what is more important

Lettering, Type design, Calligraphy – the differences

Many of my friends confuse “lettering” with “typography” (fonts), which is something totally normal. In Greek there is no equivalent term for “lettering”. Recently I learned that this confusion is very common, even among designers. So I chose simple words to explain what I do